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Posted on Oct 28, 2021

DeMars Guitars Price Increases

Believe it or not, DeMars Guitars has not had one price increase since our line of instruments launched at the 2006 NAMM Show.  Yep, that’s nearly 16 years without a price hike, while the costs of wood, parts/components, labor, paint/finish, manufacturing, shipping, and accessories have all risen.  During that time, our margins have diminished to this point when a decision to raise our prices must be made or we will cease to exist.  Our competitors would welcome that but we would not.  So, effective January 1, 2022, our retail prices will increase commensurate with the inflation rate over these past fifteen years.  Prices to dealers and direct-to-consumer will reflect these adjustments* to our new MSRPs.  There are many great instruments in today’s market and we realize that you have a choice in the instruments you purchase and play.  Our sincere thanks to the talented musicians who have enthusiastically embraced the DeMars Guitars brand over the years.  We will continue to provide you with innovative highest-quality Vermont-designed-and-built basses, guitars and...

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Posted on Oct 1, 2021

DeMars Guitars to feature Glaser String Benders

DeMars Guitars (DG) of Norwich VT and Glaser Instruments, one of Nashville’s premier guitar repair and service shops, have agreed that DeMars Guitars will feature the proprietary Glaser B/G Convertible String Benders as an option on two of their instruments.  Joe Glaser commented, “I was really impressed by DeMars Guitars as soon as I saw them and that is pretty unusual in this sea of instruments. Dan has a great aesthetic eye and a solid manufacturing philosophy around quality and is building some innovative instruments at his shop in Vermont.  Their Woodstock-T is clearly Tele-based but tastefully creative and their Equinox-T (pictured) is ideal for players who are looking for a guitar that is familiar but that offers a fresh new image to make their own.”  DG founder and owner Dan DeMars replied, “This is a real privilege to team up with Glaser Instruments.  I’ve always admired the elegant simplicity of Joe’s bender mechanisms which are played by some of my favorite Nashville guitarists, including Brad Paisley and Brent...

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Posted on Nov 5, 2018

DeMars Guitars Introduces Woodstock Electric Guitars & Jay Bass

November 2018  Inspired by the classic solid-body Southern California guitars produced in the 1950s, DeMars Guitars of Norwich VT is launching its new line of Woodstock electric guitars and Jay Basses.  Keeping with the DeMars Guitars credo of “prudently retaining features that work and improving or eliminating those that don’t”, this new line of instruments provide the performance and flexibility desired by today’s guitarists and bassists.  Company head Dan DeMars admits, “While original models of DG Equinox electric guitars and Long Trail Mag basses have sold for 10 years, this idea finally hit me and I’m a bit embarrassed that it took me this long to do so.  So many players – including many of my friends and I – have played guitars with these classic designs and signature tones.  Why not have DG make innovative US-built versions of these instruments as well?  The names of these new instruments – like DG’s Viridis and Equinox guitars and Long Trail basses – are inspired, of course, by the state of...

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Posted on Apr 16, 2018

DG To Use FSC-Compliant Renewable Tonewoods

DeMars Guitars (DG) announces a business-wide commitment to the sourcing and use of FSC-approved tonewoods in the manufacture of their proprietary line of acoustic/electric and electric guitars and bass guitars. “This simply makes sense”, noted Dan DeMars, company head.  “The mission of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is ‘to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests’ and that is a philosophy that resonates deeply with all of us here at DG.  This syncs with our target customers as well…the musicians who seek an instrument that not only looks and sounds beautiful but one that also makes sense environmentally.” DG sources primarily US-grown tonewoods (e.g., spruce, maple) yet it is impossible to do that with species like rosewood and mahogany grown in tropical climates.  Fortunately, there are several domestic FSC-compliant wood sources within the musical instrument (MI) industry committed to this mission.  DeMars explains further, “The public seems not to be aware that the MI makes only a tiny dent in exotic wood consumption, the...

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Posted on Mar 23, 2017

DG Effects (DGfx) Pedals Currently in R&D

DeMars Guitars is exploring a partnership with a noted Asian manufacturer of high-end effects for a 2019 commercial launch of a line of DG-branded pedals under the name DGfx.  While specifications are currently being refined, the initial line of pedals will likely include: optical compressor clean boost 1000-msec delay Dumble-inspired “clear/clean overdrive” 808-TS-style overdrive Centaur-style overdrive/distortion All DGfx effects will be powered by a standard external 9V center-negative terminal power source (i.e., no batteries).  Sporting custom graphics and unique names, these new pedals will be hand-assembled in Vermont and will be sold exclusively by DG direct to both retailers/distributors and end users.  Stay tuned for...

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Posted on Nov 29, 2016

DG Equinox Control Design Explained

A great deal of thought goes into every design decision we make at DeMars Guitars.  We thought it would be helpful to explain the rationale behind the design of the control layout of our line of Equinox electric guitars…. Our Equinox electric guitar models use a consistent, simple, elegant and creative pickup control design: master volume and tone (with integrated push/pull switches) and a 3-way Switchcraft pickup selector switch, eschewing the common 5-position blade-style selector, extraneous mini-switches or multiple volume/tone controls. DG Equinox Control...

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