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Posted on Aug 11, 2009

DeMars Guitars and Chicago

Jason Scheff, bassist for the legendary band Chicago, contacted us several weeks ago after seeing the Long Trail Mag bass in The Robb Report. A few emails and visits to our respective MySpace pages later, Jason kindly arranged complimentary tickets (12th row center) and backstage passes for my family and me at the July 6 show at the Meadowbrook Pavilion in Gilford NH. A brief meeting backstage before the show allowed Jason to check out our white 5-string Long Trail Mag. Jason asked some great questions about the bass’ construction, electronics and design. We also discussed the prototype hybrid (mag/piezo) bass we’re building for Nashville bassist Dave Pomeroy. Jason is a long-time Lakland player, and he sported a beautiful red 4-string Lakland during the show. The show was remarkable, and Jason’s bass playing complimented the classic Chicago repertoire perfectly. Not only did he replicate many of the classic bass lines of Peter Cetera in Chicago’s older material, but Jason added creative flourishes and contrapuntal lines in both old and...

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Posted on Apr 6, 2009

New DeMars Guitars Electric Instruments Launched

Vermont-based DeMars Guitars announces the introduction of the new line of electric (magnetic pickup) guitars and basses. The new Equinox guitar and Long Trail Mag basses compliment the current line of acoustic/electric DeMars instruments

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Posted on Jan 6, 2009

NAMM 2009 Report

NAMM 2009 did not see a DeMars Guitars booth, but that did not diminish our presence at the show. Both the number of exhibitors and attendees was reported to be lower than previous years, but the level of excitement over new products was as high as ever.

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Posted on Nov 11, 2008

DeMars Guitars welcomes “The Tonight Show” bassist, Derrick Murdock

Derrick Murdock, bassist for the legendary house band on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” recently purchased a new DeMars Guitars™ fretted 5-string Long Trail bass for use on the show, as well as for his extensive studio and live work. Dan DeMars, head of DeMars Guitars, commented, “We’ve known Deedock since our first NAMM Show back in 2006. I believe he was there on the first day, and he kept coming back to play these basses. We have a great video clip of him playing some fierce funk runs on a 4-string. At the end he smiled and said ‘OK, I want one now!’ Dock stayed in touch over the years, visiting our NAMM booth for the past three shows, and he has become a good friend. We know that there are a lot of phenomenal basses on the market from which an artist can choose and we are thrilled to have Dock playing one of our Long Trail basses.” Derrick comments on his new Long Trail, “The...

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Posted on Aug 11, 2008

Bose-DeMars ToneMatch Partnership

DeMars Guitars™ LLC of Norwich VT ( announces the release of the downloadable DeMars Guitars presets for the Bose® ToneMatch® audio engine. Dan DeMars, designer of the DeMars instruments and president of DG, comments on this development: “Since we are still small and relatively new to the MI scene, I am honored that a legendary firm like Bose has included DG among the few respected instrument makers selected to partner in their innovative ToneMatch system. My friend Ned Steinberger (NS Design) thought that my instruments would be perfect for the L1/ToneMatch and kindly introduced me to the Bose folks. From my first meeting with them, I was convinced that a Bose-DeMars alliance would be an ideal collaboration. The Bose acoustic engineers immediately understood the sonic benefits produced by our unique dual transducer design.  The synergy between the DG instruments and the L1/Tone Match system results in a wide and deep acoustic signature with rich harmonic overtones.” Dan continues, “The ToneMatch system is an exciting technology and I am both grateful and humbled that Bose would include DG with such fine...

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