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Posted on Mar 23, 2017

DG Effects (DGfx) Pedals Currently in R&D

DeMars Guitars is exploring a partnership with a noted Asian manufacturer of high-end effects for a 2019 commercial launch of a line of DG-branded pedals under the name DGfx.  While specifications are currently being refined, the initial line of pedals will likely include:

  • optical compressor
  • clean boost
  • 1000-msec delay
  • Dumble-inspired “clear/clean overdrive”
  • 808-TS-style overdrive
  • Centaur-style overdrive/distortion

All DGfx effects will be powered by a standard external 9V center-negative terminal power source (i.e., no batteries).  Sporting custom graphics and unique names, these new pedals will be hand-assembled in Vermont and will be sold exclusively by DG direct to both retailers/distributors and end users.  Stay tuned for details…