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The Long Trail Bass

4- and 5-string







Inspired by the noted hiking trail that traverses Vermont, the single-cutaway Long Trail Bass Guitar is a chambered solid-body instrument with a traditional spruce top (optional flame maple) sporting piezo transducers both undersaddle and at the neck heel.  The 4- and 5-string Long Trail Basses feature a unique F-clef shaped soundhole, a stunning visual signature for forward-thinking bassists.

This remarkable bass has been specially designed for the performing bassist who needs a road-worthy instrument for those live numbers where an acoustic bass is a better choice than the electric.  Additionally, hollow-bodied acoustic bass guitars have their own drawbacks: sensitivity to changes in temperature & humidity, warped or cracked tops and the resulting expensive repairs.  Furthermore, the strings are retained in ferrules on the rear of the instrument, which does away with bridge pins and eliminates any stress of the top and bridge due to hundreds of pounds of upward pulling from the strings.  The strings’ forces are instead directed only downward onto the bridge saddle, as they should be.

The Long Trail Bass Guitar features the K&K Sound’s groundbreaking PowerBlendTM 2-channel onboard 9V preamplifier and two separate piezo pickups: one at the traditional undersaddle location as well as one at the neck heel to capture the influence of the neck on overall instrument tone.  No phase cancellation or any other undesirable effects due to the use of these two pickups have been found.  The result: a tonal richness not typically associated with piezo pickups.  The instrument will be shipped with an ideal “sweet spot” balance already set.  Each channel can be optimally EQ’d (bass, midrange, treble, gain) on the preamp board within the control cavity.  Additionally, the relative volume of each pickup can be adjusted via two small dials also located within the control cavity.  A master volume control (with rosewood knob) allows the bassist to make quick and smooth volume changes as needed.

The 4-string Long Trail Bass Guitar sports a traditional and comfortable 34” scale length, while the scale length for the 5-string model is 35” to ensure adequate string tension on the low B string.  The signature deco-inspired headstock is also seen on the Viridis Guitar.  Lightweight Hipshot compact bass tuners come standard.  The TUSQ nut by GraphTech ensures even tone.  D’Addario® EXP®coated bass strings (EXP170SL; 0.045-0.100; 0.130 on the 5-string) come standard on the fretted Long Trail Bass Guitar; the fretless will sport D’Addario®Chromes Flatwound bass strings (ECB81SL; 0.045 – 0.100; 0.130 on the 5-string).  The 4-string Long Trail Bass Guitar features the Earvana Compensated Saddle, which was designed for acoustic guitars, yet it provides remarkably accurate intonation and assures accurate transfer of string vibration to the undersaddle piezo transducer.  The 5-string bass utilizes a TUSQ bridge saddle that delivers a full vibrational signal to the transducer beneath.

SPECIFICATIONS (subject to change)

Length: 43.8”; 45.5” for 5-string

Width: 14”

Thickness: 2”

Weight: 5.8 lbs; 6.3 lbs for 5-string

Scale length: 34”; 35” for 5-string

Nut width: 1.75”; 1.81” for 5-string

Nut material: TUSQ

Bridge material:  Earvana Compensated Acoustic Saddle; TUSQ on 5-string

Tuners:  Hipshot compact bass tuners (gold finish standard)

Truss rod: 2-way, adjustable; graphite rod neck inserts

Pickups & electronics by K&K Sound:  Two piezo transducers: under-saddle and at neck heel; 2-channel 9-volt preamp, master volume control located on bridge, mono output


Body: Basswood (opaque black finish); optional mahogany (clear finish)

Neck:  3-piece rock maple with integrated headstock

Fingerboard:  Fretted rosewood; fretless ebony; radius: 10” (4-string), 16” (5-string)

Tops:  AAA Englemann spruce (natural finish only), AAAAA flame maple (natural)

Edge binding:  Rosewood with b/w/b border, contrasting edge purfling around top

List Prices, effective January 1, 2022:   $4500 (4-string), $4900 (5-string)

Every Long Trail Bass Guitar comes with a top quality lightweight padded “Single Electric Bass” case by MONO Cases and a transferable 3-year warranty.