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The Long Trail Mag



Vermont-based DeMars Guitars announces the evolution of their innovative Long Trail line of US-made chambered solid-body electric bass guitars.

Company head Dan DeMars explains: “The Long Trail Mag electric bass guitars were developed in response to bassists who really loved our initial line of Long Trail chambered solid-body acoustic/electric basses. They asked why we didn’t make electric basses — it was a great question! We put in a lot of thought and had numerous discussions with bassists (of all playing styles), instrument techs, producers, component and amp manufacturers and retailers. We ended up designing and producing a line of distinctive electric basses that are built with the finest materials and components yet deliver a variety of tones simply unattainable with vintage/classic instruments.

The Long Trail Mag electric bass guitars have chambered solid-bodies of basswood, mahogany or alder, with an optional flame maple top. The neck attachment design is central to the sonic character of all DeMars instruments. “Most ‘bolt-on’ guitar necks aren’t bolt-on at all”, says DeMars, “but rather a relatively archaic ‘woodscrew-straight-into-neck-heel’ design. Our 3-piece quartersawn rock maple necks are attached to the body by four aircraft-grade black oxide hex-head bolts that mesh into precision-threaded brass inserts epoxied into the neck heel.” The result: structural rigidity, more sustain and optimal tonal delivery.

The Long Trail Mags sport two passive pickups (“soapbar” style at the bridge, J-style at the neck) by Bartolini, Basslines or EMG that are located on either side of the distinctive bass-clef soundhole. Additionally, all Long Trail Mag basses can be equipped with GraphTech® Ghost™ bridge saddles to deliver acoustic timbres through a “smart” stereo output jack. The combination of magnetic and piezo pickups provides the bassist a myriad of tonal possibilities, from a deep yet clear low B-string growl to a bright funky spank.

Available with fretted rosewood, fretted maple or fretless ebony fingerboards, as a 34″ scale 4-string or 35″ scale 5-string, the Long Trail Mag bass guitars have MSRPs of $3800 (4-string) and $4000 (5-string).

SPECIFICATIONS (subject to change)

Length: 43.8”; 45.5” for 5-string

Width: 14”

Thickness: 2”

Weight: 6.8 lbs; 7.3 lbs for 5-string

Scale length: 34”; 35” for 5-string

Nut width: 1.75”; 1.81” for 5-string

Nut material: TUSQ

Tuners:  Hipshot compact bass tuners (gold finish standard)

Truss rod: 2-way, adjustable; graphite rod neck inserts


Body: Basswood (opaque black finish); optional mahogany (clear finish)

Neck:  3-piece rock maple with integrated headstock

Fingerboard:  Fretted rosewood or maple; fretless ebony; radius: 10” (4-string), 16” (5-string)

Tops:  Alder (opaque finshes), AAAAA flame maple (translucent finishes)

Edge binding:  Black, white or cream with b/w/b border, contrasting edge purfling around top

List Prices, effective January 1, 2022:   $4400 (4-string), $4600 (5-string)

Every Long Trail Mag Bass Guitar comes with a top quality lightweight padded “Single Electric Bass” case by MONO Cases and a transferable 3-year warranty.

Upgrades include:

  • Bookmatched koa top $400
  • Piezo bridge saddles* $200
  • Translucent finish** $200
  • Gold or black hardware $100
  • Anvil-style road case $100

* with onboard GraphTech Ghost preamp
** over figured maple top