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Posted on Jan 11, 2006

NAMM 2006 Photographs

Anaheim Convention Center

“Sons of Herkimer”: Gino, Bryan, Dan, Joel, DK

Dan & Leland Sklar (Phil Collins, James Taylor, Lyle Lovett)

Lee Sklar checks out the Long Trail fretless bass

Timothy B. Schmit (Eagles, Poco)

Tim Schmit plays the fretless

Phil Chen (Rod Stewart, The Doors, Keith Richards)

Dan Schwartz (Roseanne Cash, Sheryl Crow)

With Ned Steinberger (NS Design)

Jeff Linsky (fingerstyle jazz guitarist)

Bill Leigh (Editor-in-chief, Bass Player magazine) & Derrick Murdock (“The Tonight Show” band)

With Jol Danzig (Hamer Guitars)

Bobby Cochran (Steppenwolf, Flying Burrito Bros., Bob Weir Band) & Deneen Patti (Earvana)

Oz Barron (Northern Lights, Stacy Queen & Urban Trout)

Our youngest player!

Anyone see a common theme here?

Jo Sallins (“Two Man Trio”)

With Reza Saleh (jazz bassist)

With Gary Ciocci & Lauren Gerber (Guitar Player magazine)

Lawrence Hightower (funk basisst & luthier)

Michael Tyrrell (virtuoso guitarist)

Paolo Gustavo (Jackie DeShannon, Brasil Brazil)

Jauquo-X III, noted Chicago-area bassist & composer

Now THAT’S an interesting playing style!

The Viridis Guitar gets a workout.

Andrea Ballarin (Manne Guitars) and Bryan (DG)

Two happy visitors with the Viridis Guitar.

Explaining the Earvana system on the Viridis Guitar.