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Posted on Apr 6, 2009

New DeMars Guitars Electric Instruments Launched

EquinoxEquinoxEquinoxEquinoxEquinoxDG MagDG Mag
Vermont-based DeMars Guitars announces the introduction of the new line of electric (magnetic pickup) guitars and basses. The new Equinox guitar and Long Trail Mag basses compliment the current line of acoustic/electric DeMars instruments (Viridis guitar and Long Trail basses) launched in 2006.

Company head Dan DeMars remarks, “When we introduced the acoustic/electric instruments, several players asked if we would consider making a high-end DG electric guitar or bass. The body and bolt-on neck design lent itself easily to such an adaptation. The Equinox guitar replaces with round soundhole of the Viridis with standard pickup routs and the Long Trail mag simply added a pickup rout for the magnetic pickup, while retaining our patented bass-clef soundhole.”

Like the original Viridis and Long Trails, the new electric DG instruments are also chambered solid-body instruments, utilizing a traditional bolt-on neck design. Neck attachment on DeMars instruments is accomplished via precision milling and four aircraft-grade hex-head black oxide bolts introduced into threaded brass inserts epoxied into the neck heel.

Optional piezo bridge saddles are available for the new electric instruments, controlled by an independent volume control; a switchable stereo/mono output jacks enables the player to send magnetic/piezo signals to two separate outputs (e.g., magnetics to guitar amp and piezos to direct box), or just one if amplification options are limited (e.g., using just one amp).

DeMars also commented the various Equinox models: “These guitars truly represent tradition-meeting-innovation, reflecting time-honored instruments while retaining our own unique identity. The H is our tribute to a ’59 burst, the S and T pay homage to classic bolt-on designs and the B has “rockabilly twang” written all over it, while the X is “none more black” and appeals directly to the hard rock and metal crowd.”

The new Vermont-made Equinox and Long Trail Mag instruments are available in a variety of translucent (over flame maple) and opaque finishes; body rear and sides remain opaque black. Choice of chrome/nickel, gold or black hardware. All DeMars Guitars instrument come with a lightweight cordura-covered hardcase by Gator Cases and a 3-year warrantee.

Equinox guitar

A 25.5″ scale length string-thru-body instrument that utilizes the Earvana compensated nut for precise intonation along the entire fingerboard length. Necks are 3-piece rock maple with a choice of fingerboards: rosewood, ebony or maple. The string-thru bridge is provided by Hipshot. Magnetic pickup controls include a single master volume and master tone. Tuners are AutoTrims by PlanetWaves. The Equinox is available in a variety of pickup brands (e.g., Duncan, EMG, Hinesley, Dimarzio) and configurations:

  • Equinox H: two humbuckers; 3-way selector; numbered bell knobs
  • Equinox S: three single-coils; 5-way selector; plastic skirted/numbered knobs
  • Equinox T: T-style bridge & pickup arrangement; 3-way selector; metal dome knobs
  • Equinox B: two TV Jones pickups; 3-way selector w/ metal tip; Bigsby B5 vibrato w/ Schaller roller bridge; flattop metal knobs (note: black hardware not available on B)

A limited edition model, the Equinox X, features two black Duncan P-Rail pickups with 3-way pickup selector, 3-way mini-switch (P-90, single coil rail, humbucker), gloss black finish and all-black hardware.

Long Trail Mag basses

Available with fretted rosewood/maple or fretless ebony fingerboards, as a 34″ scale 4-string or 35″ scale 5-string. Tuners are Hipshot UltraLites. A single passive pickup by EMG, Bartolini or Basslines is located in a ‘sweet spot’ between the Hipshot string-thru bridge and our patented bass-clef soundhole.

Equinox guitar $3400


Long Trail bass
4-string $3800
5-string $4000


Bookmatched koa top $ 400
Piezo bridge saddles $ 200
Translucent finish $ 200
Gold or black hardware $ 100
Anvil-style road case $ 100