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DeMars Guitars are sold directly to customers and to dealers and international distributors.  We are not a custom shop building “one-off” instruments nor do we produce instruments by the hundreds.  We are a “small batch” shop that caters directly to those players who recognize DeMars instruments as unique and applicable to their playing style.  Instruments are typically shipped within 6-8 weeks of a placed order…quicker if we happen to have completed instruments in stock.  Every direct order requires a non-refundable 50% deposit upon placement of the order; balance is payable upon shipment of the completed instrument.


Prices (MSRP / Direct):

Viridis Guitar  $3400  $3060

Equinox Guitar  $3400  $3060

Long Trail 4-string  $3300  $2970

Long Trail 5-string  $3600  $3240

Long Trail Mag 4-string  $3800   $3420

Long Trail Mag 5-string  $4000  $3600

XLQ Direct Box & Preamp  $250  $225

Upgrades include:

  • Bookmatched koa top $400
  • Piezo bridge saddles* $200 (Equinox and LTM)
  • Translucent finish** $200 (Equinox & LTM)
  • Carbon/Kevlar top $200 (Equinox & LTM)
  • Gold or black hardware $100 (Equinox & LTM)
  • Anvil-style road case $100

* with onboard GraphTech Ghost preamp
** over figured maple top


We accept certified check, MasterCard, Visa and PayPal.

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If you are interested in a DeMars guitar or bass (or both!), please contact us directly…

phone: 802-291-2924 or