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Posted on Nov 29, 2016

DG Equinox Control Design Explained

A great deal of thought goes into every design decision we make at DeMars Guitars.  We thought it would be helpful to explain the rationale behind the design of the control layout of our line of Equinox electric guitars…. Our Equinox electric guitar models use a consistent, simple, elegant and creative pickup control design: master volume and tone (with integrated push/pull switches) and a 3-way Switchcraft pickup selector switch, eschewing the common 5-position blade-style selector, extraneous mini-switches or multiple volume/tone controls. DG Equinox Control...

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Posted on Nov 27, 2016

New Equinox-S “Surf” Introduced

equinox-s-surf-spec-sheet The latest from DG…the Equinox-S “Surf” sports three single-coil pickups on a white pearloid pickguard with unique switching arrangement that produces pickup combinations impossible to achieve with a standard 3-way or 5-way blade selector switch. The master volume and tone controls have integrated push/pull switches; the tone pot’s switch is an on/off for the middle pickup while the volume pot’s switch controls the output signal from the 3-way Switchcraft® selector for the neck and bridge pickups. Each white control knob sports an integrated rubber ring that provides a solid grip when both adjusting volume/tone and pulling the knobs up to select pickups. The “Surf’s” 3-piece rock maple neck has a matching maple fingerboard with small abalone dot markers on both the fingerboard and side of the neck. Neck is securely attached via four aircraft-grade black oxide bolts mated to threaded brass inserts epoxied into the neck heel. Accurate intonation is ensured with the EarvanaTM compensated nut and individually adjustable bridge saddles on the hardtail string-thru Hipshot bridge The...

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