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Posted on Jul 11, 2007

DeMars Guitars Introduces XLQ Outboard EQ and Direct Box

XLQ3DeMars Guitars LLC of Norwich VT announces the introduction of their new XLQ 3-band outboard preamp and direct box.  Company head Dan DeMars comments, “The tone settings on DeMars Guitars acoustic/electric instruments were designed as “set it and forget it” using an internal preamp, since most acoustic players tend not to adjust their EQ once they get their sound.  However, a number of players have since expressed their interest in easily changing their tone settings between songs.  Without drastically changing the design of our instruments, an outboard unit was the answer.  The XLQ is perfect for pickup-equipped acoustic guitars and acoustic basses, yet it can be used with electric instruments as well.”

The XLQ is a small (5″x3″x1″) quiet 3-band active EQ unit, powered by either a 9V battery or phantom power (no wall wart!), with both 1/4″ and XLR outputs.  Frequencies can be cut or boosted 20db at three EQ center points: 100Hz, 1.5kHz and 100kHz.  A sensitive trim control allows the XLQ to be used with low or high-level input signals, and a phase switch corrects for any undesirable effects resulting from amplification.  A belt clip and mic stand adapter for the XLQ are currently being developed.

MSRP for the US-designed and built XLQ is $250.