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Posted on Oct 28, 2021

DeMars Guitars Price Increases

Believe it or not, DeMars Guitars has not had one price increase since our line of instruments launched at the 2006 NAMM Show.  Yep, that’s nearly 16 years without a price hike, while the costs of wood, parts/components, labor, paint/finish, manufacturing, shipping, and accessories have all risen.  During that time, our margins have diminished to this point when a decision to raise our prices must be made or we will cease to exist.  Our competitors would welcome that but we would not.  So, effective January 1, 2022, our retail prices will increase commensurate with the inflation rate over these past fifteen years.  Prices to dealers and direct-to-consumer will reflect these adjustments* to our new MSRPs. 

There are many great instruments in today’s market and we realize that you have a choice in the instruments you purchase and play.  Our sincere thanks to the talented musicians who have enthusiastically embraced the DeMars Guitars brand over the years.  We will continue to provide you with innovative highest-quality Vermont-designed-and-built basses, guitars and accessories that best serve your musical needs in the recording studio and on the stage.

Thank you from your friends at DeMars Guitars.  Play on.

*BTW, we still have a handful of near-new (discounted) demo instruments available at our old prices. 

2022 DeMars Guitars Price List