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Posted on Oct 1, 2021

DeMars Guitars to feature Glaser String Benders

DeMars Guitars (DG) of Norwich VT and Glaser Instruments, one of Nashville’s premier guitar repair and service shops, have agreed that DeMars Guitars will feature the proprietary Glaser B/G Convertible String Benders as an option on two of their instruments. 

Joe Glaser commented, “I was really impressed by DeMars Guitars as soon as I saw them and that is pretty unusual in this sea of instruments. Dan has a great aesthetic eye and a solid manufacturing philosophy around quality and is building some innovative instruments at his shop in Vermont.  Their Woodstock-T is clearly Tele-based but tastefully creative and their Equinox-T (pictured) is ideal for players who are looking for a guitar that is familiar but that offers a fresh new image to make their own.”  DG founder and owner Dan DeMars replied, “This is a real privilege to team up with Glaser Instruments.  I’ve always admired the elegant simplicity of Joe’s bender mechanisms which are played by some of my favorite Nashville guitarists, including Brad Paisley and Brent Mason.” 

Glaser string benders, which are convertible for either B-string or G-string bending, will be available on the DeMars Woodstock-T and Equinox-T solid-body electric guitars.  MSRP (and direct) prices for the Glaser-equipped Woodstock-T and Equinox-T and are $2800 ($2100) and $3900 ($2925), respectively.