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Posted on Apr 16, 2018

DG To Use FSC-Compliant Renewable Tonewoods

DeMars Guitars (DG) announces a business-wide commitment to the sourcing and use of FSC-approved tonewoods in the manufacture of their proprietary line of acoustic/electric and electric guitars and bass guitars.

“This simply makes sense”, noted Dan DeMars, company head.  “The mission of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is ‘to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world’s forests’ and that is a philosophy that resonates deeply with all of us here at DG.  This syncs with our target customers as well…the musicians who seek an instrument that not only looks and sounds beautiful but one that also makes sense environmentally.”

DG sources primarily US-grown tonewoods (e.g., spruce, maple) yet it is impossible to do that with species like rosewood and mahogany grown in tropical climates.  Fortunately, there are several domestic FSC-compliant wood sources within the musical instrument (MI) industry committed to this mission.  DeMars explains further, “The public seems not to be aware that the MI makes only a tiny dent in exotic wood consumption, the bulk of which goes toward mass-produced – and some custom – furniture production and large-scale architectural projects.  Sadly, many of the larger guitar companies are getting unfair blame for being irresponsible with their sourced materials, especially exotics.  Our instrument production uses only a minuscule fraction of the tonewoods harvested for the MI but even a small step like this will eventually make a difference.  Guitars don’t grow on trees…or do they?”

DeMars also commented on the congruence of the FSC’s mission with that of his company’s home: “Our ‘brave little state’ of Vermont is known as a place that embraces and encourages a commitment to the environment and green living.  Heck, the name Vermont even means “Green Mountain’ so how can we ignore a business philosophy that is so obvious and appropriate?”