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Posted on Sep 11, 2006

Review from our first customer

DeMars Guitars Long Trail Bass #002 (our first fretless) was purchased last summer by Bill Lester, proprietor of the famous online guitar refinishing forum, ReRanch. Bill is also the bassist for the Texas Hat Band, based in suburban Dallas. Here’s the candid review Bill published on ReRanch:

I first saw the DeMars Long Trail bass in Bass Player magazine back in March and fell in love with the style. Actually, it was the “F” Clef that hooked me. Four months later #002 showed up at my door. (Thank you Jim Rubio of The Atlanta Bass Emporium). #002 is the first fretless one that Dan built. He is keeping the fretted #001. Yes, I did try to buy that one too.

I’m still making friends with #002. The first issue we had was the action was too low. Yes, too low. I was getting fret buzz when I hammered on. That was not #002’s fault, nor mine. That was just the way we started off playing. A quarter turn back on the truss rod fixed the problem which was a lot easier than fixing me. The truss rod is a two way. I’m not.

Next issue was I had hand noise which was being picked up by the inlaid K&K neck piezo pickup. There is another K&K piezo under the bridge saddle. One quick call to Dan and together we adjusted the six internal pots and two thumb controls (p/u blend controls). It is an issue no more.

So quickly; Overall Design A+, Form, fit and Finish, A+, Build, A++, Sound A+ (A+++ when I make #002 my truest friend) and Cool Factor, A++++. Bodie Powell, Johnny Cash’s former bass player, told me that night that I had “out cooled him” with #002.

I just love this thing.