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The Woodstock Guitars and Jay Bass

DeMars Guitars is proud to announce a new line of instruments, targeted to the guitarists and bassists who prefer a conventional body shape. Inspired by the classic California-designed instruments of the 1950s and 1960s, we offer the Woodstock-S (three single-coil pickups in a double-cutaway body, with hardtail Hipshot bridge), the Woodstock-T (two single-coil pickups in a single-cutaway body) and the 4-string Jay Bass with two single-coil pickups, an offset body and a slim neck with a 1.5″ wide nut.

Keeping with the DeMars Guitars deign philosophy of “keeping features that work but improving those that don’t) the Woodstock guitars feature reverse-angle bridge pickups. Why? The conventional orientation of single-coil bridge pickups have the treble side angled closer to the bridge. The result: those biting ice-pick highs that must be controlled or tolerated. Reversing the angle of the bridge pickup moves the bass polepieces closer to the bridge, “tightening up” the lower frequencies, and moves the treble polepieces further away, effectively reducing those ice-pick highs.

Effective January 1, 2022, the MSRP base price of the Woodstock guitar is $3700 and the Jay Bass is $3600. All DeMars Guitars instruments come with a high-quality MONO case.





Jay Bass